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We are your experts in social media, conversion techniques, user behavior, and creative design. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and stand by your side as you scale or launch new products as if we were part of your company.
We are your experts in social media, conversion techniques, user behavior, and creative design. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and stand by your side as you scale or launch new products as if we were part of your company.
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We develop creative and innovative solutions for our national and international clients - from holistic brand management to implementation in all important disciplines.
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Digital Marketing for ZUM

LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Luma

Main Goals

1. To build up ZUM as a love and fun brand

2. To create a broad awareness about the advantages of using ZUM and the impact which comes with it (security, sustainability, time-saving)

3. To grow an engaged community on the social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Luma)

4. To explore other channels like Instagram and TikTok
Target Audience: Parents, Students, Press/Media and Institutions
01. First Phase
Goal: Strategic development and planning of the marketing strategy for the social media channels with the following execution.

First phase:
In this phase, we develop the concept of the accounts and the strategic direction, including a content strategy and the visual concept.

List of To-Dos:
✓ Workshop with the team of ZUM (values, vision, goal)
✓ Creation of competence fields and key content topics
✓ Development of marketing strategy with KPIs
✓ Visual and content concept planning incl. growth strategy
✓ Design of the feed for the first month according to the content plan
✓ The planning of times and reminders for stories
✓ Onboarding to KRAFT Digital management platform
02. Second Phase
Goal: Administer and manage designated social media channels, track data with the following customizations of content strategy. The focus is on increasing engagement and attention.

We recommend creating 3 posts per week to ensure steady channel growth.
Our full focus is on reaching KPIs and marketing goals, coverage of immediate topics instead of a post count.

✓ Creation of a monthly content plan, including posts and stories
✓ Two to three posts per week incl. hashtag strategy
✓ Weekly guide for stories and reminders
✓ Upload of the posts and management of the channel
✓ Creation of stories in motion design
✓ Community management
✓ Monthly reporting with results and statistics
03. Third Phase
Creating fun and engaging content by exploring different channels.

✓ Founder videos
✓ Livestreams
✓ TikTok videos
✓ Instagram Reels
✓ Engaging Instagram Stories
✓ Themed Highlights
✓ Insightful Interviews
04. Advertisement
In addition, we can provide promotion services to gain greater exposure and more followers.

✓ Advertising
Ongoing advertising to promote important posts to the target audience or to gain new followers. We define an advertising budget with you and manage the ad campaigns.

✓ To create an efficient advertising campaign, we test a variety of audience settings, texts, and visuals. This allows us to determine the advertising campaign that brings the most favorable cost per follower.
05. Visual Feed
When compiling the visual feed, we start from the client's preferences and wishes and work together on the ideal visual implementation in relation to the desired image of the company.

The creation of images and videos takes place in close cooperation.
06. Services
Concept and management of ZUM channels
✓ Development and strategic planning of digital marketing strategy
✓ Monthly content plan creation with qualitative posts and stories
✓ LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook management
✓ Exploration and channel set up on TikTok and Instagram
✓ Monthly blog post(s)
✓ Increase community engagement (luma)
✓ Monthly report with results and statistics
✓ On request additionally: advertising campaign management

Project Team:
Account Manager
Graphic designer
Motion designer
Story manager

LinkedIn Account Management Price: Monthly

Facebook Account Management Price: Monthly

Twitter Account Management Price: Monthly

Website Blog Management Price: Monthly

Luma Support: Monthly

Luma Implementation: One Time Fee

Client Dashboard Setup and Onboarding Fee: One Time Fee

LinkedIn Personal Branding of CEO: Monthly
€600 per video (we suggest at least 4 videos per month)
Additional account management support if needed

Advertising: Monthly Advertising if needed
€700 (suggested starting budget which can be adopted)
Running an advertising campaign to attract new customers, promote posts, or attract new followers

Additional Implementation of Instagram and TikTok
Thank you, Karl!
We can start with the execution immediately.
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