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We create a detailed plan for your social media growth, by taking a deep dive into your performance and engagement of the target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Stage One
The Launch
Goal: Creating the concept for the Social Media account and the power of selling

: 1,5-2 weeks
At this stage, we will develop the whole concept of the Instagram account, including the main goals, an image of the product we are building, detailed content strategy, and visual concept.

List of To-Dos
1.An interview with the Founders
2.Exploring the market and legacy
3.Creating communication strategy that helps to meet business goals
4.Content plan for the first month
5.Visual concept
6.Interactive video creation
7.Design of the feed for the first month according to the content plan
8.Scheduling times and reminders for stories
9.Curation and management of highlights
Stage Two
Goal: Management and implementation of content strategy

1.Creating a monthly content plan, including posts and stories
2.Three posts per week (minimum) in English (inc. carousel of tips)
3.Weekly guidelines for stories and reminders
4.Creation of stories (4-6 stories per week minimum)
5. Creation of reels (4 per month minimum)
6.Implementing collaborative techniques to gain followers
7.Monthly reporting with results and statistics.
8.Highlight management
9.Curation of Instagram shop if needed
Advertising services are provided to gain bigger publicity and more followers.

Running advertising to promote important posts among the target audience or attract new followers.

We will test a lot of audience settings, texts, and visuals to define the most efficient advertising campaign which will bring the cheapest cost per follower.

Visual feed
Working on visual feed we base on references from the client and work together to create an ideal visual implementation of a desired image.

Visual Feed Design

Online beauty brand
Automotive Dealer
Fitness&Nutrition Brand
Static stories

Motion Video

Interactive game for engagement of the followers and giveaway of prizes.
Promotion of Fashion clothing of an online shop.
Collaboration of YSL and Dua Lipa, promotion Ad of the new lipstick campaign launch.
List Of Services
Concept and Management of Alqemist Instagram Account
1.Creating a monthly content plan, including posts and stories
2.Three posts per week in English/German
3.Weekly guidelines for stories
4.Creation of stories (4-6 stories per week)
5.Creation of reels (4 per month)
6.Monthly report with results and statistics.
7.Highlight Management
8.Monthy photoshoots
9.Mothly Video creation
10.Motion Design & Interactive Stories
11.Curation of Instagram shop
12.Monthly report with results and statistics.

Project Team:
Account Manager
Copy Writer
Graphic Designer
Motion Designer
Stories Manager
Community Manager
Advertising Manager

Account Management Price: Monthly
€1700 + 19% VAT

Advertising Management: Monthly Advertising (additionally) per channel
€600 + 19% VAT (suggested starting budget can be adopted)
Running an advertising campaign to attract new customers, promote posts, or attract new followers.

YouTube Chanel Management:
Video Editing of 2 Videos
Development of Thumbnails
SEO text
€2000 + 19% MWST.

Additional Post-Production per Video:
€400+ 19% MWST.

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