Organic Community Growth & Social Media Marketing

We create a detailed plan for your growth, by taking a deep dive into your target audience and what attracts them to your product.
Stage One
The Launch
Goal: Creation of the Creatives for the Social Media Ads and the power of selling

Period: 1-1.5 weeks
At this stage, we will develop the whole concept of the promotion strategy, including the main signup goals and community growth.

List of To-Dos
1.Generation of Creatives
2.Build a list of Developer communities for promotion & partnership
3.Interactive motion video
4.Setup of the Ads and tracking

Advertising services are provided to gain bigger publicity and more users.

Running advertising to promote the USPs of the platform to the target audience in order to attract new users.

We will test a lot of audience settings, texts, and visuals to define the most efficient advertising campaign which will bring the cheapest cost per user.
( our estimate is $10 CAC however we will be always trying to get it even lower )

Concept and Management of Developer Community Growth
1. Curation of the growth and strategy of acquisition
2. Creatives ( static and motion )
3. Social Media targeting Ads

Price: Monthly
€5000 + 19% VAT

Advertising Budget:
Is paid additionally on a monthly basis depending on the goal of users we want to reach. Suggesting to start with $10 CAC.
1st Milestone - 500 users - $5000/month on advertising spend.
( I am confident that the CAC will be way lower and we will not spend the whole budget to reach this milestone )

Milestone Bonuses:
every 500 users - €2000
(open to discussion and a mutually amended structure)
Thank you!
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